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We are a small business in downtown North Branch! The business has been around since 1995 and we are the 3rd owners.

We do embroidery, screen printing, and promotional products for businesses, sports teams, clubs, organizations, and families!

In a previous life, I was studying to be an architect. About a year after graduating high school I got an internship at an architecture firm in the cities. I had worked there all through college but when 2008 hit the firm needed to make some cutbacks. I was laid off and worrying about how we were going to afford our mortgage! I started working for the previous owner of Prism Design and Embroidery, Abby, and I am so grateful for the opportunity that she gave me to start on this path in life.

At first it started out as just an employee and then turned into me buying the company in May of 2010. That same year I studied business at a local community college to gain more knowledge about how to run an actual business! But to be honest, most of the learning was done on the job. I made mistakes – plenty of mistakes. We had setbacks. We had many times when we thought we weren’t going to make it. We stuck it out and here we are! We are in a new location, since December of 2014 and we love it! We love serving the local community and the surrounding area and we look forward to the future!

Outside of work, I am a wife, mother, runner and my son’s soccer coach!

Located In North Branch, Minnesota

For ALL Your Team, Business and Event Needs

6372 Main Street, Suite A
North Branch, MN 55056

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Prism Design

6372 Main Street, Suite A, North Branch, MN 55056

Phone: 651-674-2509

Email: info@prismdesignemb.com


    We want to hear from you!



    Monday: 9-5
    Tuesday: 9-6
    Wednesday: 8-5
    Thursday: 9-5
    Friday: 9-5

    Prism Design

    6372 Main Street, Suite A, North Branch, MN 55056

    Phone: 651-674-2509

    Email: info@prismdesignemb.com


      Apparel Catalog


      Embroidered apparel for your business, team, event or organization. Minimum quantities as low as 1 piece! We have 5 machines with 11 different heads to be able to complete any job of any size.

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      Screen print is where we print your logo on apparel using ink, screens and presses. From 1 color to 7 colors; screen print is a great choice for your project. We have a low minimum quantity of 6 pieces and would love to help you with your next project!

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      Sublimation print is another way of printing ink onto material. We use this process when the product is white or light grey in color and is 100% polyester. We can also sublimate onto 50/50 cotton/polyester products which will give you more of a vintage washed out look. With sublimation print we have a minimum quantity of 12 pieces. One of the other options we use sublimation print on are patches for ball caps. We sublimate the logo onto the patch and then sew the patch onto the hat. 

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      This is a special process specifically used for team jerseys or fan gear. This is also printing using ink, but this is a unique process where the garment starts out as one big white sheet of polyester fabric, printed on and then sewn into the t-shirts, sweatshirt, shorts or pants. Using this form of printing the customer can have an unlimited amount of colors in the product and design and can also have unlimited logo locations. For instance, you can have a logo on the front of the jersey, both sleeves and back collar, names and numbers as well; and the price stays the same. There is no other process where we can say that! With Full Dye Sublimation we have a low minimum first run quantity of 6 pieces. Once we have the design, we can print fill in orders as low as 1 piece!

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      Digital print is the last form of printing using ink on apparel. This process is used when there is at least 80% cotton in the product we are printing on. We can digital print on lights or darks and we have a minimum quantity of 12 pieces for this process.

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      Promotional Products are a great form of advertising for your business, team, event or organization. We offer products such as sport bottles, lunch boxes, speakers and luggage. Check out the link below for ideas that would be great for your next promotion! www.leedsworld.com

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      We love working with our teams! We’ve done team sites for basketball, baseball, softball, gymnastics, hockey and even businesses. Team sites work on a deadline bases where the site will run for a designated amount of time and then we will work on completing the product. Standard lead time once a site closes is 2 weeks. Check out the link below for a sample site. https://schoolspiritwearsample19.itemorder.com
      We can also work with businesses and events. Check out the links below to see sample sites for both options.

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      Here’s the legal stuff you need to know:

      By ordering off our website or in store you agree to the following terms and understand that you are placing an order for goods and/or services. You agree to be legally bound and to abide by the following terms. If you do not agree to these terms, this transaction is null and void. Prism Design and Embroidery reserves the right, at any time, to change, modify, alter, or update the terms and conditions, as deemed necessary. By accepting this document, you also agree to follow the terms and conditions set forth by those changes. Any changes or modifications are effective immediately upon notice thereof, as published and/or posted on our web site.


      Prism Design and Embroidery respects your privacy. We do not buy, sell, rent, lease, hock, barter, donate, or share personal information, email addresses or identifiable information regarding its customers in any way.


      Prism Design and Embroidery charges a $25.00 fee for any returned checks. Any fees, legal or non-legal, occurred in the collection process will be charged to the party responsible. Orders placed using credits cards/debit cards are subject to this policy.


      Special orders are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. Purchases from our inventory may be exchanged within 1 week of the date of purchase for another item in our inventory. We do not give refunds.

      Custom orders may only be cancelled, at no charge, if we have not placed the order for the apparel. If we have placed the order for the apparel the customer may still cancel but is responsible for paying any cost already incurred.

      We strive to satisfy our customers and will make every effort to correct our mistakes. Decorated items cannot be accepted for return unless defective, damaged or incorrect items were shipped.


      Prism Design and Embroidery prints on provided apparel. Our prices are adjusted for prints on provided apparel and we do not replace items that may not turn out during the production process.


      Prism Design and Embroidery will not accept any images, designs, or other material protected by copyright without the permission of the actual copyright owner. By approving a proof with such images, designs, or other material, the approving party warrants and represents that it owns all of the copyright in such images, designs, or other material. If they do not own the images, designs or other material the approving party warrants and represents that they have received permission from the person or entity who owns the copyright in such images, designs, or other material.